iPhone blood pressure measurement without cuffs: Physical Exam Device of the 21st century

(From Aura Labs, http://www.instantbloodpressure.com)

I am experimenting with the new iPhone app for measuring blood pressure. The device is based on the principle that pulse wave velocity correlates with vascular stiffness, which itself correlates with blood pressure. The device is “for recreational use only” and sets an upper limit of 160 mmHg. It works well on normal people like me and my staff.

But what about patients? Don’t worry, I will be testing it on my hypotensive patients and malignant hypertensive patients to see whether it works on such circumstance. I know it is not a medical device, and I would not use it to change medical management now. Nonetheless, it may become a standard tool 20 years from now. I will be figuring out its limitations and I will report it in my blog, if time allows.

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